“Trinity Vilnius” is a complete experience consisting of three distinct yet complementary spaces: the A La Carte restaurant, Aperitivo and Digestivo.

Trinity’s A La Carte menu, developed over many years and finally refined, will offer you carefully balanced dishes made with the highest quality produce from local farmers and Lithuanian rivers, France and other places close to your heart.

Aperitivo invites you to prepare yourself for a gastronomic adventure in the second floor restaurant. Here you will try cocktail tastings and learn more about Italian-inspired cocktails.

Conclude your dinner in the Digestivo, filled with conversation and the sound of glasses. This bar in Vilnius will allow you to relax and melt into the cosy vaults of a former women’s convent. With a great glass and an even greater story.

You can start your journey through Trinity wherever you like – from the beginning, the middle or the end. A quiet chat, an impeccable cocktail, a sumptuous dinner, or maybe nightclubs and dancing?

We invite you to choose your own composition for the evening.

The hosts recommend a taste

Cocktails, oysters, seafood.

Additional information

  • Tasting sessions
  • A La Carte menu
  • Organic products available