Mirang café

Mirang café is a place founded by a couple returning to Lithuania from Korea, Korean Yohan and Lithuanian Severija, with the intention of expanding South Korean coffee culture in Lithuania.

Mirang café is a reflection of Seoul’s café culture, a portal to Korea for a coffee break straight from Vilnius Old Town. Enjoy a cup of Korean coffee made from carefully selected Crooked Nose & Coffee Stories beans, teas not yet known to Lithuanians but popular in Korea, and authentic Korean desserts in a unique setting. In addition to drinks and desserts, the shelves are stocked with niche magazines on Korean and Asian design, coffee and leisure brought directly from Korea, as well as art and crafts.

The hosts recommend a taste

We recommend trying at least one of the special menu coffees in the café, which could be a Korean cream coffee or a Tangerine bianco latte, and for dessert, be sure to try the Matcha roll and the Korean Bingsu ice-cream, which will be available in the café as the weather warms up.

Additional information

  • Gourmet produce available

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