“Savam Kieme”

If you haven’t had time to go to the market, stop by the shop in “Savam Kieme” and visit your favourite farmer when you can.

This best describes us – a good food shop located in the centre of Vilnius, at Aguonų g. 11 (next to the MO Museum).

You will find a wide range of national heritage products: Lithuanian smoked bacon, sausages and local smoked fish. Authentic black bread and bread gyros. Traditional cheeses. Seasonal products such as birch sap, stints, vegetables and berries. Homemade cakes to be tasted on the spot with a cup of aromatic coffee.

We are fully equipped to educate our customers about the products available, their origin and their farms. We not only sell, but we are also very knowledgeable about folk farming. We visit farms and farmers visit us!