Restaurant “Dushanbe” invites you on an unusual culinary journey to Tajikistan, where flavours subtly combine with tradition.

Our chefs expertly create authentic Tajik dishes for everyone. Try fresh and flavoursome plov, mantu and other dishes. Give your taste buds a taste of traditional tandoori roasted meat or try the delicious samsas that our chefs expertly prepare by hand.  Restaurant “Dushanbe” is the place to experience the true Tajik flavour, filled with tenderness and passion.

In Tajikistan you will find mountains, crystal-clear lakes, wildlife and epic trekking routes, as well as ancient Buddhist sites, Silk Road trading posts and medieval temples. There’s a lot more to write about the history, but we’ll leave you to do the research, now it’s time to taste the food.

The hosts recommend a taste

Plov, Mantu, Samsa

Additional information

  • Home delivery
  • Tastings organised
  • Organic products available