Cheesy Heads

What happens when traditional Italian and modern cuisine meet? What happens is a fiesta of flavours at “Cheesy Heads”.

Here you’ll find handmade pasta made with Parmesan cheese, crispy pizzas, pizza sandwiches, doughnuts and other Italian delicacies. Everything is gourmet, high quality and with a real Italian taste.

We have assembled a youthful team that has a lot of potential and modern ideas. Our goal was to open a place in Vilnius that will make people wonder with creative ideas never seen before in Lithuania.

The hosts recommend a taste

We make Parmigiano Reggiano macaroni and cheese, melt-in-your-mouth arancini with no cheese and great pizza sandwiches.

Additional information

  • Vegetarian menu
  • Children’s menu
  • Home delivery
  • Plenty of cheese available